The first and necessary operation, prior to installation of plastic material floor, is a close inspection of the whole surface prepared for coating and inventorying all damages, cracks, uneven places and other „weak” areas. After careful cleaning of the whole surface – all „weak” areas on the surface, indicated by shot peening, should be removed. Clean and uncovered surface should be painted with one of our priming paints. In case of any uneven areas, You should level them with the use of repair mix.

After curing of plastic materials, expansion joint incisions should be done and filled with expansion joint mix. It is recommended to make a final smoothing regrinding, final cleaning and dusting of the whole surface. From this point, You can start the installation of the actual floor.

For standard mixes, typical application conditions are:

  • surface temperature range (15 – 23)°C
  • environment humidity below 70%
  • dry surface (humidity max.4.5%) and grease free, min. B20 concrete class (in case of any doubt it is recommended to test the surface -metal disk test – for details contact PPME AMEXPOX).

Detailed instructions for installation of particular applications are delivered on product’s purchase. Additionally, we offer free training for contractors who use our products.