The Amepox Enterprise was established in 1988, and its staff was based mainly on the part of the Technical University of Lodz personnel. From the very beginning, our activity has been focused on activities connected with the field of materials science and creates new technologies for the different industries needs, eg. the production of materials for electronics, materials for the construction industry and since 2000 year in the area of nanotechnology. In the area of our activity we’ve worked out was:

For electronics:

- Adhesives, lacquers, pastes and conductive inks,

- Thermal conductive paste and adhesives,

- Adhesives conductive magnetic flux,

- And other materials for microelectronics.

For building industry:

- Joint less industrial floors: thick and thin layered,

- Joint less "conductive" floors: antistatic and "non-sparking",

- Joint less "antibacterial" floors,

- Sealants, expansion joints, repair mass, and other.

In the area of nanotechnology:

- Nanosilver with different sizerange as: 3- 6 nm,

- Nanocopper in the range up to 60 nm,

- Titanium dioxide nanoparticles,

- Selenium in the range of 100 nm,

- Colloids of various solvent bases with products of nano as additives for various products.

In the area of innovation, Amepox has done many technologies for industrial companies in various fields (plastic products, textile, food industry, and other). The Amepox Enterprise is one of the most innovative companies in the country, which produces materials of unquestionable quality. We have highly qualified technical staff and well equipped R&D Lab; we also have our own Production Plant with very high level of production capacity.